I created Holistic Options Coaching (HOC) because I realized just how difficult it is to find the help someone needs when they are not trained in alternative methods or medicine.

As the author of and various holistic books (see more on me here), I understand that we live in a time of endless options in the alternative and allopathic health fields. 

While options are a gift, they can also be overwhelming.  Sometimes we need help choosing the right options for our needs AND in the process of assessing our options for a positive outcome.

HOC is about helping you find your unique path to healing through holistic, integrative and alternative options.  I will work with you for as long as you need from one session to several until you have reached your goals.



"Jenifer was a Godsend to me when I was dealing with fibromyalgia.  Living in a small town in Ohio, I really needed help finding out how to heal naturally.  I was also so weak, working two jobs, raising two teenagers and taking care of my mother that I just didn't have time to find the right help.  Not only did she offer my options and treat me homeopathically, Jenifer helped me develop a plan and she found practitioners for me, interviewed them so that I didn't have to, and scheduled my sessions.  What took her only a few hours and minimal cost could have taken me forever, actually, I probably would have just given up until I fell over from the medications.

Thank you Jenifer, for giving me my life back."

Allison W, Ohio, Age 43 

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Holistic Options







"I believe when we know our options, we can find out path and choose what is right for us but if we don't know our options, we feel stuck.  When we don't know our options for healing, it can be scary, even terrifying, as allopathic (western) medicine often offers very little in the way of options for us."  Jenifer Shapiro

Why hire an options coach? 

Time - Save yourself endless hours of researching a field you are not an expert in by hiring someone who is.  One session with me and you will see just how quickly we can move forward with options and outcomes.

Experience - I have over 20 years experience working with individuals and many more years of experience in research of alternative options.  Alternative options saved my life as a child and several times in adulthood and while I do believe there is value in allopathic medicine as well, in a time when we have many illnesses allopathic medicine doesn't understand, I know from experience the power of integrative options.

Partnership - Along with being trained in over 15 alternative methods professionally and more than this number in general, I am also trained in holistic forms of counseling (NLP, Gestalt Therapy, Hypnotherapy, etc.) and can assist you as a solid, dependable partner while you follow your unique path to healing.  Having a partner on your path means you don't need to hold up everything while you heal, you have a safe space to truly express your fears, beliefs and needs and a partner who welcomes and supports every aspect of who you are in your process. 

Peace - When you walk your unique path with this solid partner by your side you feel at peace.  For more on this, see what my client had to say about her experience working with me.

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