I've been studying alternative medicine since I was a child.  I read my first book on hypnotherapy at 11 and my first text on homeopathy at 13.  I was hooked.

I also engaged our medical system at a very young age and began to see how inhumane the treatment of illness can become.  I knew I never wanted to end up back there.  In a place with no options to heal.

As I grew older, I began to work with and assess many healing methods.  My goal was to find those methods that I felt truly helped myself, my loved ones and my clients heal, permanently and effectively.

While I have a solid educational background with professional training in over a dozen modalities of Alternative Medicine, two certifications in coaching, an MBA and 2 decades of experience, I believe what sets me apart as a Holistic Options Coach is my ability to assess a situation from every angle and establish a clear path to a goal.


As a healer of any form, one needs to have three concrete abilities:

  • The ability to listen without judgment.

  • The ability to discern what is occurring beyond what something looks like.

  • The ability to develop and co-execute a plan of action effectively with minimal stress.

I believe I yield these abilities and I work from a space of heart, strength and the firm belief that everyone has within them the ability to change their path and to heal.  I get the opportunity every day to assist people in doing both.


For more on my background, please click here to go to my healing website:

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