How HOC Works

Think of me as your personal healer, researcher, coach, counselor and holistic specialist with a focus on meeting your needs and over 25 years of experience helping people effectively find powerful options for challenging situations.

Step One:  You have a problem or a series of challenges you are dealing with for yourself, another individual, your pet or your family in any of the following areas:

  • Health:  Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual

  • Limiting Beliefs/ Behaviors

  • Relationships

  • Career and/or Business

  • and/or a combination of these.

Step Two: Upon defining the problem, we determine what you need and I develop your HOLISTIC OPTIONS PLAN which will include various options for solving your challenges in empowering ways.  I will also help you find practitioners in your area and or in areas you travel to if this is needed. 

EXAMPLE:  Melissa was a traveling consultant with chronic fatigue.  She sent me a map of the next 3 months of travel and I found her local practitioners to work with, yoga classes that were of a style that would be beneficial (as not all types of yoga are healthy for chronic fatigue), healthy food (I helped her develop a travel diet plan that also addressed a sluggish thyroid), and I treated her homeopathically for the chronic fatigue.  Melissa went quickly from feeling overwhelmed and exhausted with no hope for keeping her job to energized, hopeful and even enjoying the travel once she was doing it in a way that supported her.

Step Three:  If Step One and Two were your only goals, we are complete.  If not, I will work with you until your goals are reached, for example, if healing lyme's is your goal, I'll work with you until this goal is effectively reached.

As I find it useful to see this in action, click here for a sample case study of what I offered another client of mine who came to me for Holistic Options Coaching to heal Fibromyalgia, sleep apnea and chronic TMJ.

EXAMPLE:  Joanne was a therapist and a mother of two young boys.  She came to me on a referral from her doctor who had given up being able to help her.  Joanne lived in Missouri and couldn't travel to me so she found HOC a good option.  After a 2 hour intake which included medical records, a full homeopathic intake and a life intake, we found that her FMS had begun 2 years ago when she was completing her thesis.  At the same time, she had a root canal done and a new crown placed.  Three months later she had TMJ.  I explained to Joanne what I was seeing (I am a proven medical intuitive and use my gifts in a grounded, balanced, empowering manner - nothing 'out there' AND I am medically trained and can offer the scientific as well in most cases) and found her a local dental professional who I gave specific muscle information, dental material information (as she was sensitive to chemicals), and bite information and he did the work I asked and got her out of TMJ pain.  As she had had a bad experience with homeopathy, while I may have chosen that for another client, we decided to go with other options she was more comfortable with.  I gave her a series of self-acupressure and breathing techniques (typed up with visuals) along with a meditation CD I made specifically for her FMS.  Within 2 weeks Joanne found her energy coming back. 

Are You Ready to get assistance that is focused, effective and offered with the compassionate strength of a true healer, holistic counselor and alternative practitioner? 

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