You are ready to receive assistance in finding your path to health and fulfillment?  YES!!!

How Scheduling Works

Step One:  Choose your length of session. (see below for more information).

Step Two:  Contact us (myself and my assistant work closely together) with a brief description of what you are looking for.

Step Three:  If I feel I can be of assistance with what you offer, Beth my assistant will help you in scheduling, you will fill out an online form, and Beth will offer a link for prepayment for your session.

Step Four:  I will either skype or call you (your choice and we can help you set this up) at our chosen time for your appointment.


For a first session, you can schedule for one or two hours.

A one hour session = $150*

Often individuals schedule one hour for answers to specific questions, to see about developing a partnership (ie. to see if I'm a fit for what you are looking for) and/or for a second opinion on a specific issue. 

A two hour session = $275*

Often individuals schedule a two hour session for more in-depth questions, to develop a plan for a specific issue, and/or to cover in more detail what a one hour session can touch upon.


Thru 12/31/2011 all new clients will receive a $15 discount on their first 3 sessions in 2011.