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"Working with Jenifer, I knew I had a partner in someone who could hold the space for me to fall apart.  As a single mother dealing with breast cancer, I felt I had no one who could be strong for me. 

All of my friends and family members were terrified and it showed in their faces.  I needed someone who believed I could and would heal.  Someone who could assist me in choosing my options and would help me move forward even when I chose poorly. 

Jenifer exceeded any expectation I had of what she could do.  Her tenacity, strong Spirit, depth of heart and knowledge of not only holistic but also medical options is astounding. 

There should be a name beyond coaching for who she is, I guess there is, she's a true healer."

Candice W., Ardmore, PA


"I wish everyone who is in a healing crisis to have someone like Jenifer.  She has never let me down, even when I felt little hope, she believed in me.  I'll never forget that."

Michael S., Palo Alto, CA 

"Jenifer helped my wife and I when we weren't sure what to do with our dog Sally.  Sally was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and was having challenges walking and going into kidney failure.  We never use doctors and our local vet honestly scared us with his only option being a severe treatment plan of drugs for a dog that had only had organic food since birth. 

Our daughter actually found Jenifer through I think a friend of hers.  One discussion with her made us comfortable she'd be able to help us make some tough choices.  Not only was her knowledge impressive, she also was willing to take the time to research for us in areas we weren't familiar with.  I don't think my dog would be here today without her help."

Doug C., Schwenksville, PA

"I came to Jenifer with a condition doctor's said there was no cure for.  I knew in my gut they were wrong and am I glad I listened to my gut.  It took a few months but it was an amazing process to watch the process of homeopathy unwind my system [Jenifer is a clinical homeopath].  I'm forever grateful for the assistance not only in healing, but in seeing from experience that there are other options than the medical system.  Thank you Jenifer!"

Robin L., Denver, CO

See additional testimonials on my healing site.